Group therapy for new mums

Becoming a mum is an exciting but daunting time, and having a small baby at home is a time of emotional upheaval, even under the best circumstances.

This group offers new mothers a chance to talk about their birth, changes in life and relationships after the birth, and the emotional challenges of having a baby when you are (possibly) far away from home. All facilitated and supported by a professional psychologist.

My passion is in supporting people to increase compassion for themselves when parenting. So there will be lots of opportunities to take a mindful look at what can cause stress and how we can increase self-compassion when the going gets tough.

The small group (with a maximum of 5 mums) will be run over 4 weeks, €250 for the 4 sessions. Each week will be focused around a topic including:

  1. What is compassion? How does this impact on ourselves as mums, and our parenting?
  2. Stress and worry in early parenting. What brings you stress, and some techniques for managing it.
  3. Am I my parent? Thinking together about our childhoods, and what of those we consciously (or unconsciously) bring into our own parenting journeys.
  4. Values. What keeps you going, and in what direction?

Previous group members have spoken of really valuing the chance to learn from and connect to other mums in this way. I hope that these groups can give voice to some of the more unspoken, difficult parts of parenting, and see that we really are all in it together!

Groups are held at The Labour Department, Postjeweg 68, Amsterdam