Dr Naomi Gibson,

Amsterdam based, English speaking Clinical Psychologist working with parents, parents-to-be, and families.

I can offer support to you wherever you are on your parenting journey: from pregnancy, birth, to the early years and beyond in nurturing your family.

Parents really matter, and I am passionate about supporting you through this important time.

I strongly believe that people can be empowered to find their own answers. I offer a non-judgemental, confidential space to explore the difficulties that families bring.

I offer a range of psychological therapies face-to-face and online.

If you choose to work with me you will be greeted with empathy, sensitivity and a welcoming service. Feel free to get in touch for more information and to see if we could work well together.

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I am experienced in supporting individuals and families in overcoming and understanding:

  • Strong emotions during pregnancy or after birth such as feeling anxious, stressed or overwhelmed, or perhaps depressed, flat or not quite yourself
  • Worries about birth or finding it difficult to overcome your experience of birth
  • Working out who you are as a parent
  • Bonding and relating to your baby
  • Having a space to think about your own childhood and how this influences your own parenting
  • Challenges in starting and expanding your family
  • Parenting support and advice e.g. eating, sleeping, toileting, tantrums, bullying, friendships
  • Adjustment to life events e.g. bereavement, divorce, family transitions, migration

It is not necessary to have any form of diagnosed mental health condition to seek support.